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The brake disc is also called the brake disc. As its name implies, it is a disk-shaped disc made of metal material with many air holes. During the driving process of the car, it will rotate with the tires. The brake caliper will clamp the brake disc, which will produce braking force and play a role in slowing down or stopping. The brake disc has good braking effect and is easier to maintain than the drum brake.


The brake pads are also called brake pads, which are made of ceramic, metal and carbon fiber and are installed in the brake caliper. In the brake system of an automobile, the brake pads are the most critical safety parts. The brake effect is determined by the brake pads. The brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, bonded thermal insulation layer and friction blocks. When the brake is pressed, they will be squeezed onto the brake disc or brake drum, causing friction, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration and braking.