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Cause Analysis of Brake Drum Wear, Deformation and Damage


Brake drum is the basic part of wheel brake, which is generally made of gray cast iron or malleable cast iron. The damage of the brake drum is mainly due to wear and deformation caused by friction. Especially when the rivet head exposes the friction plate surface or the brake enters hard abrasives such as sand, the brake drum is more seriously worn, which will form grooves and strains around. The brake drum is scrapped due to its inner diameter wear exceeding the limit size, accounting for more than 30% of the overhaul cycle.


The reason for brake drum cracks is that when the brake drum wear exceeds the limit size, the drum wall becomes thinner, and cracks occur when the load stress changes. When the size of the brake drum is no longer standard, the brake drum will generate high temperature after the vehicle has driven down the hill for too long. If the vehicle wades into the water immediately after going down the slope, the brake drum will shrink sharply when encountering water, so the friction surface of the brake drum will produce cracks along the axis direction, which will extend with the continued braking, and finally brake

The drum breaks. When some brake drums are under warranty, they found that their friction surfaces showed bright spots, which was caused by the brake drums encountering water at high temperatures.


The brake drum is cracked and damaged due to poor material and insufficient strength.


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