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Too much oil on the brake drum?


Grease or gear oil on the brake drum is a headache for many drivers. So how to remove the oil in the brake drum simply and effectively? Today Xiaobian to teach you a very reliable method.

Gear oil can be said to be the most common lubricating oil into the brake drum. Compared with the trailer and the front wheel of the main car, the driving wheel of the semi-axle drive is disassembled, and the internal gear oil is most likely to flow into the brake drum, especially the maintenance-free design of the vehicle.

We all know that high temperature resistance is the characteristic of butter and gear oil. It can also keep lubrication and reduce friction in the bearings with small heat dissipation area in continuous operation. Then in the brake drum with large heat dissipation area, the temperature will not be too high even if there is friction of brake shoes. So many maintenance workers say, "the oil is fine, two feet on the brake will not be true."

Although the oil cleaning agent has the effect of oil removal, but when used on the smooth surface of the brake drum, it seems to be a little powerless. If you want to completely clean up, you can't get down two or three bottles. In addition, the traditional method of fire is no less effective and complex than oil cleaning agent.

Today's method is much more practical, as long as it doesn't rain, you can find the raw materials at any time, and it's completely free. This raw material is a humble soil, grab a handful, sprinkle in the brake drum, rub with your hand, you can absorb most of the oil stains.

If the oil stain is too much, then appropriate soil can be added, after cleaning only need to pour the soil out of the brake drum, and finally wipe off the surface of the floating soil with paper. At this time, rub the inside of the brake drum with your finger, you will feel that the resistance increases significantly, and the oil film scattered on the surface no longer exists.