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Why advocate wheel Yi empty shell lubrication?

It has been proved by practice that the empty shell lubrication of Lunyi can not only ensure good lubrication condition and normal wear, but also have the following advantages:
(1) Save grease: about 85% of automobile grease is used for wheel lubrication. If the wheel is used for empty shell lubrication, the inside and outside of the bearing are evenly coated with grease and the other space gap is not filled. In this way, the amount of fat can be reduced by 0.5 flavor (each car can save about 3kg of grease each time);
(2) is conducive to heat dissipation: according to the test of the relevant departments, after the use of empty shell lubrication, the temperature of the inner bearing, wheel and brake drum is 5 to 10'C lower than the full shell lubrication;
(3) Reduce maintenance hours, reduce wheel running resistance, reduce fuel consumption and reduce waste oil treatment. Therefore, it should be strongly advocated in vehicle maintenance wheel empty shell lubrication, but attention must be paid to first wash the empty shell, grease should be fully filled with the gap between the bearing seat ring and the cage roller, only on the bearing surface and only filled with empty shell is not able to play a lubricating role.